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1. Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale

Copy available on website or on request from 01273 740 774 email address:


2. Product Description & Suitability

We try to describe our products as accurately as possible within reasonable limits. However, we do not guarantee that our descriptions on this site are 100% accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free.

Many of our beads are handmade and/or of natural materials. In such beads some colour and size variation, both from batch to batch and within any given batch, is inherent in the uniqueness of the bead. While the beads will be of similar quality as each other, they may not be identical either to each other or to the image.

All specifications, illustrations, drawings, particular, dimensions and performance and other criteria are intended merely to present a general idea of the products described and unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by our representative do not constitute a warranty or representation that any products purchased will conform with any such specifications, illustrations, drawings, particulars or criteria.

The purchaser assumes responsibility that products stipulated by him are sufficient and suitable for his purposes and save insofar as specific mention thereof is made in any quotation or offer the purchaser shall not rely upon our skill or judgment as to whether the products are fit for any particular purpose or as to the manner in which the products shall be used irrespective of any advice which may have been given by us, our servants or agents in good faith

If a product is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it to us in unused condition (see Returns Policy below).


3. Prices

Prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax (see below).

For all U.K. customers all prices whether wholesale or retail, include VAT, except on books, which are zero-rated.

Shipping and Handling charges attract VAT at the standard UK rate, unless the consignment consists solely of books.

Exports outside UK – VAT will not be charged on any orders for destinations outside the European Union. E.U. customers who provide a valid VAT number will be invoiced without VAT. Other E.U. customers must pay VAT at the rate prevailing in the U.K. at the time of despatch.


4. Orders & Agreements

The purchaser's order must be accompanied by all information to enable us to proceed with the execution thereof

We are entitled to refuse enquiries, assignments and orders. In this case, we will refund any amounts already paid by the Purchaser.

Information, images, notices given orally, over the telephone, in writing or by e-mail, and quotations in relation to all offers and the principal features of the products will be provided as accurately as possible. However, “We” do not guarantee that all offers and products will be fully in accordance with the information provided. Deviations are, in principle, not a ground for damages and/or termination

The purchaser shall not cancel an order which has been accepted by us without the written agreement of our authorised representative and if such agreement is given the purchaser shall pay to us such a sum as we shall consider reasonable in respect of work done and materials supplied or ordered. Cancellation will not be possible if the order involves products ordered, taken in production or already made especially for the Purchaser.

If there is any default or breach of any of the purchaser's obligations here under or if any distress, execution or other legal process shall be levied upon or issued out against the purchaser's property or if the purchaser shall make or offer to make any arrangement of compositions with its creditors or commit any act of bankruptcy or if any petition or receiving order shall be presented or made against the purchaser or any resolution or petition to wind up the purchaser shall be passed or presented, or if a receiver of all or any of the purchaser's assets shall be appointed, then (without prejudice to any other remedies we might have) in each and every such case We shall have the right at any time to suspend or determine the contract or any unfilled part thereof and to cancel any outstanding delivery and to stop any products in transit and, notwithstanding any other provisions, payment in respect of any delivery already made shall be immediately due.


5. Out of Stock Items

We try to be in stock of all featured items at all times. However, the nature of bead production and sourcing causes occasional and unpredictable shortages. We will ship partial orders, unless you instruct us otherwise. We do not back order unless mutually agreed. If we are out of stock of your chosen item(s) at the time of your order, please select an alternative. If we are out of stock of an ordered item at the time your order is despatched to you, please re-order it at a later date. Any payments already made in respect for non-deliverable order will be refunded.


6. Instalments and Part Deliveries

In the case of a contract for delivery of products by instalments every instalment shall be deemed to be the subject matter of a separate contract and, unless otherwise agreed in writing by our authorised representative failure in delivery of any one or more of the said instalments shall not, subject to the other provisions of these Conditions, entitle the purchaser to treat such failure as a repudiation of the whole contract.

Where an order is in respect of a number of products (whether the same or different) we reserve the right to deliver all or any reasonable number thereof as soon as they are completed at our works. The purchaser shall accept such deliveries and honour all demands for payment in respect thereof in accordance with the terms of payment set out herein.


7. Payments

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Solo, Delta & Maestro as well as PayPal.


8. Terms of Payment for Credit Account Holders

The terms of payment (unless otherwise agreed in writing by our authorised representative) are for deliveries in United Kingdom: Payment in full within 30 days from date of invoice. Export Shipments: Net cash payable in full by bank Telegraphic Transmission or Credit Card as agreed.

Stipulations as to time of payments shall be deemed to be of the essence of the contract.

If the purchaser fails to make payment for any products supplied to him on the due date therefore as above provided, without prejudice to any other rights we may have we shall be entitled to charge in addition to any money due here under, interest on any amount so outstanding at the rate (as well after as before any judgment) up to 8 per cent per annum above the base lending rate at the time being calculated on a daily basis on the outstanding balance from the due date of the invoice to receipt by us of payment.

Default by the purchaser in making any payment on the due date therefore will also entitle us to refuse to make delivery of any further products (whether ordered under the same contract as that under which the default was made or not) without thereby incurring any liability whatsoever to the purchaser.

No deduction shall be made by the purchaser in respect of any set-off or counter-claim howsoever arising.


9. Passing of Property

Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk in the Goods, or any other provision of these Conditions, the property in the Goods shall not pass to the Purchaser until We have received in cash or cleared funds payment in full of the price including any taxes due for the Goods and all other goods agreed to be sold by Us to the Purchaser for which payment is then due

If payment of the total price is not made on the due date, We may require the products to be returned to us and if this requirement is not immediately complied with, We shall have the right (with or without prior notice) at any time to retake possession of the whole or any part of the product (and for that purpose to go upon any premises occupied by the purchaser) and sever the goods from anything they are attached to without being responsible for any damage caused) without prejudice to any of our other remedies


10. Transfer of Risk & Insurance

The risk in the products shall pass to the purchaser as follows

Where products are to be delivered by us or our carrier to an address in the United Kingdom designated for delivery thereof by the purchaser the risk will pass when the goods have been so delivered

Where products are to be collected by the purchaser the risk will pass when the products have been loaded on to the transport of the purchaser or his carrier or, if the purchaser fails to collect within a period of fourteen days after we have given the purchaser written notice that the products are ready for delivery and collection, risk will pass at the expiry of such period.


11. Shipping/Despatch and Handling

We are usually able to despatch orders within five working days of our receiving them. This may be longer during holiday periods or for large wholesale orders & semi-precious items.

Unless products are to be delivered by us or our carrier in accordance with the instructions of the purchaser delivery shall mean delivery ex-factory.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing with the purchaser by our authorised representative, We are under no liability whatsoever to the purchaser for failure to meet any scheduled delivery date.

Where no date has been specified for delivery of any products the purchaser shall give us all necessary instructions and authorities and generally make all necessary arrangements so that delivery may take place within 7 days after we have notified the purchaser that the products are ready for delivery.

Without prejudice to any other rights which We may have in respect thereof if the purchaser refuses or neglects to take delivery of any of the products on the dates specified therefore, or, when no date has been specified for delivery or, without fault on our part delivery has not been made within 7 days after a notification to the purchaser under conditions 14.03 above, the purchaser shall pay our reasonable charges for storage of the products in question.

“We” have our registered office in the England. If delivery is to be made to another country, the Purchaser must make its own enquiries with regard to import regulations, duties and requirements in the country of destination. All duties, VAT on import and other financial and other consequences of import, will be at the expense of the Purchaser. The Purchaser will indemnify us against all claims on that account.

“We” will determine the method of shipment and packaging unless mutually agreed otherwise.


12. Damage or Loss in Transit

Where the transport of products to be delivered to the purchaser is to be effected by us or our carrier the products must be examined by the purchaser on receipt and the purchaser must notify us promptly if such products are received in a damaged condition. The purchaser will indemnify us against any loss suffered by us as a result of any such notification being received too late to enable us to claim against carrier or insurer in respect thereof within the time limits applicable thereof. A signature on receipt of the products to the effect that products have not been examined shall not relieve the purchaser of his liability under this condition.

Orders sent via Royal Mail services are not insured by us. Should your order be lost or damaged in transit we will not replace any lost or damaged items free of charge. Please note: it can take up to 28 days for the Royal Mail delivery
Orders sent via our courier services are insured. Lost in transit and/or non-arrival must be notified in writing within seven days of the expected delivery date.
For claim to be processed any package received damaged should be noted on the courier document at the time of accepting the package. Damage to any of the contents in the package must be made in writing to us within two days of receipt


13. Acceptance of Goods

Unless within seven days from date of receipt (or such longer period as agreed in writing by our authorised representative) we are notified in writing to the contrary any products shall be deemed to have been accepted by the purchaser.

In the event of non-delivery or non-collection, because of the Purchaser’s failure to respond to the carrier’s card, note or telephone call, the Purchaser will be liable for the carrier’s charges for returning the order to us.


14. Online Returns Policy

Note: For hygiene reasons, the following product cannot be returned – Earrings and ear findings

We realise that it is important to you to get the right beads for your design.  As such, you can return the goods to us subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • Goods to be returned within 14 days from the date of despatch.

  • Goods should be unused, undamaged and in original sealed packaging

  • To ensure safe return, please wrap the items in bubble wrap carefully to protect them from any harm during transit

  • A copy of the invoice should be enclosed with the goods

  • Goods to be returned via your local Post Office. Please ensure to obtain a free Certificate of Posting as proof of posting. The proof of posting is not proof of receipt and all goods remain the responsibility of the customer until they are received back by THPH Investments Ltd.

  • Goods will only be refunded or exchanged after we have received them and will be subject to meeting the above criteria.

  • Delivery charges for returning goods will be paid by the customer

Incorrectly sent goods & Faulty items

If we have sent you goods you have not ordered by mistake or they are faulty, you can return these goods to us as per the conditions above for refund (including the delivery charges) subject to the following additional conditions:

  • Getting "Goods Returns Authorisation" number from our head office

  • Sending us Post Office proof of charges incurred

  • Faulty goods only can be returned in "opened" original packaging


15. Warranty

Save for any manufacturer's warranty and/or wholesaler's warranty, goods are delivered without any warranty unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Purchaser will indemnify THPH Investments Ltd against all claims of third parties due to warranties and/or information given by the Purchaser regarding the goods in deviation from the manufacturer's warranty and/or the wholesaler's warranty and/or information.

The aforementioned warranty provisions will apply only to use of the delivered goods in accordance with the intended use and the manuals and specifications given to the Purchaser.

Any warranty obligation will lapse:

  • if any modifications, repairs or operations are effected in or on the delivered goods by or on behalf of the Purchaser;
  • if the Purchaser uses the delivered goods for purposes other than their normal intended use;
  • if the Purchaser has handled, treated and/or cared for the delivered goods in an improper or injudicious manner;
  • if the defects were visible on delivery, but the Purchaser failed to communicate them to “us” in accordance with Article 10;
  • in the event of normal wear and tear;
  • In the event of damage by water, humidity, frost or contamination.
Applicability of the warranty will be at “Companies’ discretion.


16. Liability of THPH Investments Ltd

Save for any instance of intentional act or gross negligence, “We” will be liable to the extent that such liability is covered by its insurance up to the amount of the insurance taken out by “us” in the event of a benefit paid in the relevant case.

If in a particular case, the insurance does not pay damages, “our” liability will be limited to the invoice amount paid by the Purchaser for the goods involved in the case of damages.

If the Purchaser fails to provide timely assistance, information or enquiries that “We” deems necessary or useful to execute the deliveries, the Purchaser can never lay claim to any damages or any other rights due to a failure in performance of the agreement by “us”.

“We” will not be liable for technically unavoidable deviations in quality, quantity, colours, measurements, finishing, etc. that are allowable in the sector, and those deviations do not grant the Purchaser any right to reject the goods.

“We” will never be liable for any consequential loss, including loss of profits, losses incurred, costs incurred, loss of savings, loss of data and loss due to business interruption.

“We” will not be liable for any loss due to intentional acts or gross negligence of our employees and/or others.

“We” will stipulate all statutory and contractual defences that we can invoke in respect of our own liability against the Purchaser, also for our employees and others for whose conduct it could be held liable under the law.


17. Site Security & are secure e-commerce.


18. Site Access

We grant you a limited licence to access and make personal use of this site. You must not download (other than printed pages for personal reference) or make commercial use of or modify it, or any part of it, except with our express written permission. You are granted a limited, revocable and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the home page of and, so long as the link does not portray Beadworks, its affiliates, or their products or services in a false, derogatory or otherwise offensive manner.


19. Passwords

By creating a password, you protect your information from unauthorised access. If you use this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of both your account information and your password and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.


20. Our Privacy Policy

It is our policy to respect your internet privacy. We do not sell its customer lists to any third party organisations.


21. E-mail Communication

When visiting or or sending emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically and you consent to receive communications from us electronically.


22. Trademarks & Copyrights

“Beadworks™” is a trade name of THPH Investments Ltd. It may be used in the U.K. solely by our authorised licensees. Any unauthorised use of this trademark is subject to the full force of trademark infringement laws and penalties. Kindly note that the placement of any words before and/or after our trademark does not mitigate the infringement.


23. Bead Design Catalogue

Many of our beads are original contemporary designs and are subject to copyright law. Our original bead designs are copyright by both us and by the respective makers. Copies of any such copyright-protected beads may not be made for commercial use without permission. If you are thinking of copying a bead design from our published range, please contact us to enquire about the copyright status. We will be happy to inform you whether that particular design is copyright-protected or has passed into the public domain.


24. Website Copyright

All images and text on our website are copyright. They may not be reproduced for commercial use without our express permission. We grant you a limited one-time right to print our web pages for personal reference. The compilation of all content on this site is our exclusive property and is protected by copyright law. All software on this site is our property or our suppliers and is protected by copyright law.


25. Intellectual Property

We shall retain the exclusive property and reserve the copyright in all documents supplied or produced to the purchaser in connection with any contract or tender and it shall be a condition of such documents or any part thereof shall not be communicated either directly or indirectly to any other person, firm or company without our prior written consent.

All intellectual and/or industrial property rights, including copyrights, design rights, patents, trade mark rights and/or any other rights to goods manufactured and made available by “us” pursuant to the agreement will vest exclusively with “us”, our supplier or other proprietors. The goods made available to the Purchaser may not be reproduced and/or published, wholly or partly, in any manner whatsoever without express prior permission in writing from “us”.


 B.    Additional FAQs  

1. Freight Charges

Delivery costs include VAT for UK and Europe and exclude VAT outside Europe. If you are VAT registered in Europe and has already provided us the registration number, VAT will automatically be deducted from the shipping charge on checkout.


Royal Mail 1st Class Parcel Post

Orders sent via Royal Mail Parcel Post services are not tracked or insured by us. Should your order be lost or damaged in transit we will not replace any lost or damaged items free of charge.

Please note: it can sometimes take up to 15 working days for the Royal Mail delivery


Royal Mail 1st Class Parcel Post Signed-for

Orders sent via Royal Mail Parcel Post signed-for service can be tracked online at .  However this method of delivery is not insured and should your order get lost or damaged in transit we will be unable to replace any lost or damaged items free of charge.

All deliveries will need to be signed for by the recipient. Should you miss the delivery then you may need to go to your local post office to collect your parcel.  Should the parcel be returned back to us as undelivered, then you may be charged for second delivery if required or 10% restocking charge may apply.

Please note: it can sometimes take up to 15 working days for the Royal Mail delivery

UK Courier
We aim to offer same day despatch on UK orders if received before 12 noon during our opening hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5:00pm.  Orders received after 12 noon may be despatched on the next working day. 

Our Courier service may take 1-2 working days from the date of dispatch


European Royal Mail Tracked*1

Available for following destinations – Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden. For other countries, price on application

Orders despatched outside of the UK can take 2-8 working days for delivery from the date of despatch. This service includes a tracking number, and you can track the status of your delivery online.


International Royal Mail Tracked*2

Available for following destinations – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, United States. For other countries, price on application

Orders despatched outside of the UK can take 3-10 working days for delivery from the date of despatch. This service includes a tracking number, and you can track the status of your delivery online. 


Please note:  Tracked parcels have to be signed for personally by the recipient. There may be a charge if a parcel is undeliverable


Customs Import Duties & Taxes

Goods shipped outside European Union may be subject to import duties & taxes of the destination country.  You will be responsible for clearance charges, duties and taxes in your country of arrival of goods


Should the weight of the parcel be  too heavy, bulky, high in value or contain items that could be damaged in transit, service then we reserve the right to call the customer for any extra charges required to send the package via courier service

THPH Investments Ltd reserves the right to amend or review freight charges without prior notice


2. How Can I become a Wholesale Customer?

Beadworks wholesale to the trade only, that is, only to bona fide re-sellers of beads and/or beaded products. We welcome enquiries for wholesale quantities from trade buyers

For wholesale price information, please send us (by post, or by email) copies of documents which indicate that you are a manufacturer, or a retailer (or other re-seller) of beads and/or beaded products. Such documents include sales brochures, advertising materials, VAT registration certificate etc.

POST to: Beadworks UK, Unit 3E Stockwell Lodge Studios, Rear of 121-131 Conway Street, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3LW

Once your wholesale account has been set up, you will have online access to wholesale prices and quantities. You will then be able to order in retail and/or wholesale quantities.
Not every online product is available for wholesale, for example Books.

For further wholesale information, please contact us by telephone 01273 740 774 weekdays 9.00am to 5pm London Time, or by email to


3. What Do I Need to do in order to shop on the Beadworks UK website?

Shopping on the Beadworks UK website is easy! In order to shop you must have access to a computer that is capable of accessing the World Wide Web. You will also need a Web Browser to access the pages. Currently, this website supports Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher, Netscape Navigator version 6.0 and higher, Mozilla version 1.02 and higher, and Opera version 5.02 and higher. Other web browsing software may also work, but has not been tested with our website. Cookies are required to be enabled on your Web Browser in order for you to place an order. Learn how to Enable Cookies. In addition to the technical requirements and a valid credit card, you will also need to have an account set up on our website. By setting up an account, you are able to receive special promotions via email, re-order past ordered items easily, view your order history and status, and more! To set up a New Account we will need to collect personal information from you such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. View our Privacy Policy to find out exactly how we use your information. Once your account is created and your computer meets the minimum requirements, you will be able to make purchases quickly and easily without ever leaving home.


4. I keep getting sent to an error page, what did I do wrong?

There are many types of computers, and with the many types of computers comes many types of software, and with many types of software come many possible configurations and settings. Because of that wide spectrum of possibility, some computers have problems when accessing various parts of our website. We have done our best to eliminate all the glitches from the online store, yet occasionally we come across a configuration that was not anticipated. If you continue to receive an error message, please help us out and let us know so we can correct the problem. Include as much information as you can about what you were doing before the error occurred, whether you were logged in or not, whether or not you had items in your cart, and what you were trying to do when the error occurred. We want all of our customers to have the same access to our website and by communicating your technical issues to us, we can make that happen.


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