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Complimentary Colour Palette

Colour theory has the goal of predicting or specifying the colour combinations that would work well together or appear harmonious. 

The 12 point colour wheel has been adopted as the principle tool for defining these basic relationships. These colour combinations are offered to help you mix and match your favorite colours. Beadworks UK has provided examples of Complimentary and Triadic Colour Palettes

Complimentary Colours

When placed next to each other, complementary colours make each other appear brighter. Choose an accent bead in a complimentary colour if your goal is to show off the colour of your principle bead. Dark shades of one colour can be effectively mixed with light colours of complimentary colour for added richness.

Blue-Green & Red-Orange

red beads

Green & Red

red beads and green beads
red and green beads

Yellow-Green & Red-Violet

red beads, violet beads, lime beads
red-violet and yello-green beads

Yellow & Violet

yellow beads and violet beads

Yellow-Orange & Blue-Violet

Yellow-Orange and Blue-Violet colours
blue violet yellow orange jewellery example

Orange & Blue

blue and orange colour palette
blue and orange beads
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