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Preciosa Seed Beads

Available from Beadworks UK, our Czech Rocailles come in a beautiful variety of shapes, styles and finishes. Whilst they are less uniform in size and shape than Japanese Rocailles as they tend to be slightly rounder, they are ideal for stringing and wirework

Sizing in seed beads varies, as each manufacturer uses a different way of measuring the beads, however the following tends to apply, the smaller the bead, the higher its size number - so a size 10/0 is smaller than a size 8/0 from the same source.
However it is useful to bear in mind that a Czech size 8/0 will not be exactly the same as a Japanese size 8/0. Therefore, if you need the beads to be the same size it is always advisable to buy them from the same category. Some of the coated seed beads are not recommended for use in items that will have prolonged contact with the skin or frequent washing, as this may cause the surface coating to fade.


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